Review Policy

All reviews are based on my personal opinion and are not a critical viewpoint.

These opinions can be formed while reading the story or while considering the book after completion.  I read to be entertained.  If I enjoy the story and it keeps my attention, it will be rated higher than a book that I continuously was able to put down and walk away from.  For me, reading is a multi-faceted experience and I make every effort for a book to grab me and hold me tight until the last page.  In this capacity I realize that sometimes a story needs to play out in a longer fashion than others which is why I contemplate the entire book after reading before writing a review.  However, as this is an opinion-based review, bias toward certain elements is likely and unavoidable.

In my reviews I will not use spoilers but rather just give an overall sense of the book.  I will include the book blurb but all other notations and observations will be of a personal nature including any rating I may provide.

Unless otherwise notated, books reviewed were obtained through retailers or via newsletter subscriptions.