Landscaper in Lust, by Robin Stone

Landscaper in Lust (The Landscaper Series, #2)

Their chemistry is undeniable. But can it ever be more than lust?

Two months have passed since Kyle’s hotter-than-hell fling with Tracy Dawson. Kyle can’t get the sexy housewife out of his head. When Tracy calls, they reconnect, and Kyle finds their chemistry hotter than ever.

Wealthy Eric Dawson enjoyed paying the rugged landscaper to pleasure Tracy while he watched, but he has a new proposal: joining them in bed. Kyle agrees, and the threesome push boundaries with every encounter.

But how far is Kyle truly willing to go?

My review:

The story may pick up two months later but the action continues as hot and heavy as if there was no break between the two releases.  Steamy and exhilarating yet utterly sensual.  This novella left me dry-mouthed and weak-kneed with staccato heart palpitations and an all encompassing body heat.  What a jaw-dropping cliffhanger!

My rating:  Midleton

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