The “Unofficial” Sainthood of Miss Jean Louis


How many of you know that Miss Jean Louis is a saint? You were not aware of this aspect of her?  Then, please allow me take you on a journey of the sainthood of Miss Jean Louis.

Check out these definitions:

Saint: “a person of great holiness, virtue, or benevolence”

Benevolence: “the forced contribution to the sovereign”

Sovereign: “a monarch; a king, queen, or other supreme ruler”

Babysitter: “to take watchful responsibility for; tend”

These definitions make the case for the campaign.

Realize that Misha Collins constant references that Miss Jean Louis babysits him (watchful responsibility for) and that Misha identifies himself on Facebook as a “Monarch” (sovereign). So essentially Miss Jean Louis as Misha’s babysitter is “a forced contribution to the sovereign” (benevolence).  Which makes her “a person of great benevolence” (saint).

Why hasn’t this woman begun her canonization yet? Oh, right, the first step requires actual death.  Well, I am sure she has at times prayed for “relief”, so let’s continue on in a hypothetical scenario.  She must have great patience to deal with the ramblings and general antics of Misha and for that we honorarily bestow the title “Servant of God” and she passes the first step toward sainthood.

The next process is to review and present aspects of Miss Jean Louis’ life to assure candidacy for sainthood. To be declared “Venerable” she must be shown to have been heroic in her dedication.  She assisted Misha.  That is dedication personified.  Easy-peasy and done.  Miss Jean Louis has passed the second stage.

Now on to the labeling of “Blessed”. Miss Jean Louis would need to be shown as a martyr (someone who died for their faith) or be responsible for bringing about a miracle.  The fact that Miss Jean Louis is not only maintain a wrangle on Misha, but to prepare him so fully that he displays all outward visages of normalcy, proves she is a miracle worker indeed.  Consider yourself “Blessed” Miss Jean Louis.

The final advancement in order to be declared a saint is for another miracle to occur that would not have happened without the intercession of Miss Jean Louis. On this I call for Misha.  I have no doubt that he would be the final piece of the process to canonize Miss Jean Louis.  And his anticipated humility and prayers would likely be answered.  (Plus he has fictional access to the “higher ups”.)  Consider Miss Jean Louis canonized and declared a saint.

Saint Miss Jean Louis has a fabulous ring to it, does it not?  Yet, she prefers to go about and do her duties without her title.  Because even though she has earned it, she is humble and chooses to live her life without the trappings and decorations that would be bestowed upon her by use of her title.  Generous to a fault and completely worthy of fully encompassing all that defines “Saint”.

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Comic-Con Love.

So I recently (this past Saturday and Sunday) attended my first comic-con.  I considered it a pre-emptive awareness strike to my attendance at a “Supernatural” television convention in July.  As a kid I would read comic books – way back then, that is what they were called, not graphic novels – so I knew all my superheroes and supervillains, but WOW, even I was overwhelmed with the magnitude and show of support at the areas first comic-con.

While there I met some authors and I am preparing to “share the love and awareness” and although I have not read their work yet, I did purchase items and they are all on my “TBR” list.  (Reviews should be expected to begin showing up in the next two weeks.)

First, I met Darin Henry who was promoting his brainchild “Sitcomics” which is a sitcom television show in comic book form.  Including commercial breaks.  Ingenious!  Although I did not buy any actual comic books that weekend, I did get a puzzle with one of the comic book covers as the image, and plan to make an additional purchase of the comics shortly.  Please show him and his company some love and check out the information below.

Next up I met the fabulous “Harley Quinn” who turned out to be Julie Milillo; an author of paranormal fantasy books.  I purchased both releases of the “Immortal Sin” trilogy, Immortal Sin and Immortal Descent.  In addition to writing, she enjoys singing, baking, and is a character actor (as witnessed by her turn as “Elsa” during Sunday’s events at the comic-con).  Reach out and help her build her audience via her contact information below.

I then had the pleasure of meeting the exquisitely talented Andi O’Connor.  She writes fantasy books with an adventurous twist.  I ended up spending my money on her “The Dragonath Chronicles” releases, The Lost Heir and Awakening.  She also has two other series “The Vaelinel Trilogy” and “The Legacy of Ilvania”.  Please feel free to check out her many platforms which can be accessed through her website below.

I concluded my inadvertent author tour with Steven Eutsler.  He recently released his first book “The End’s Beginning, The Krinics Series, Book 1” the first in an epic fantasy adventure series.  I have been challenged to see if I have any questions that are not resolved by the trilogy conclusion: Challenge accepted Steve.  Give him a follow on Amazon to which I have included a link below.

Who says attending a comic-con is all about the celebrity personnel and comics?










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Memorial Day Musings

My favorite sub-genre to read is Thriller.  Specifically, the counter-terrorism, spy, or elite guard departments.  Some of my favorite characters (Scot Harvath, Dominic Caruso, Connor Matthews) all have a military themed background.  And on this Memorial Day, I thank all the authors that use military men (and women) in their books.

I come from a family that is strong in military ties.  Luck (and by the grace of Him above) has returned my family relatively unscathed from their deployments.  Yet I have also had to bear witness to many close friends who returned home to be interred.  And it is with a heavy heart that I remember those who have sacrificed themselves in their duty to their country.

Time has not lessened my memories of those I knew who have been lost and one constant thread of discussion from them prior to their leave is that they loved wholly and completely and wanted nothing more than to dedicate their lives with the pride of service on behalf of their country. Often there were jokes that I would have joined the armed forces myself if not for two things:  my height (or lack of a positive vertical alignment) and my inability to take orders from another (that is still a problem today).

However, I am immensely patriotic (and it would be hard not to be in a family with such strong military and law enforcement structure) and even if I do not necessarily agree with the politicking that goes on, this is the country in which a difference of opinion is allowed to be openly discussed and debated because of those who fought in defense of our individual freedoms.

And that is who remember today.  Those who fought before us that gave their lives to support and defend the ideology of independence and democracy.  “Thank you” seems such an inadequate means of expression for all that has been sacrificed.  They were superheroes who walked among men.  And I salute them for their service.


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In Celebration of Mother

In indebtedness to all forms of Mothers I say “Happy Mother’s Day” and wish you the very best of celebrations today.  Your devotion and dedication serve as a constant example of selflessness and love. 

I love you Mom.  Thank you for setting a standard of achievement and pushing me beyond my understood limits.

As a thank you to the “mother” in everyone, I am hosting a giveaway for a $10 gift card (winner’s choice between either Amazon or iTunes).  All you need to do to enter is comment which book makes – or made – you cringe to read to your child/niece/nephew/etc.  C’mon now…we all have that one book that makes us shudder, curse the author silently in our heads, and other forms of retaliation – a show of hands as to how many have tried to talk the child into another book? – when we see the cover or hear the title.

One winner will be selected at random.  (Neither WordPress nor Facebook responsible.)  Giveaway will be open until noon (Eastern Time) on Monday, May 9, 2016.  Winner will be announced around 1pm (ET).


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Shout-Outs, Thank Yous, and a Giveway!

I was going over a few things yesterday and realized that the blog has been “live” for a wee bit over a month and I was surprised and amazed at that little nugget of information.  I am shocked I have accomplished so much in such a short timeframe and understand that if it was not for the support and assistance from others that I would not be so secure in myself and this blog’s success.  So today I am going to give shout-outs to particular people and thank yous to everyone for helping make “wee bit o’ whiskey” something I look forward to publishing and updating regularly.

First and foremost to Shannyn Leah, who put the idea of running a blog in my head…ummm…thank you?? 😉   We both know there would be no “wee bit o’ whiskey” if it had not been for your suggestion and gentle nudging.  You gave me the confidence to undertake this endeavor with knowing little about me outside of my reviews on your books and the friendship we forged based off that knowledge.  (As well as our ongoing mutual love of all things “Supernatural” and “The Fall”.)  A mere “Thank You” seems insignificant to encapsulate all I want to say.  I am humbled by your actions.

Brittney Sahin: You have the distinction of being the first author whose books were reviewed on the blog.  That decision was not as daunting as I had tasked myself into believing.  I knew that I needed an author I could gush about with books that I loved.  And you were my immediate choice to provide the strong launch of the blog.  “Thank You” for your ceaseless support and backing.

I am forever indebted to you lovely ladies.  My fealty to you both will be everlasting.  Unless, of course, you kill off a favorite character.  Then I will wash my hands of you.  Or challenge you to a duel.  I guess that really depends on what day of the week it is and what activities I have planned for the weekend.  Aside from reading.  Naturally.

Authors.  I really cannot do this blog without you.  You keep me entertained in a myriad of ways and the places you take me is always a welcome surprise.  A “Thank You” to the authors I have already highlighted on the blog:  Shannyn Leah; Brittney Sahin; S. J. Lynn; J. Ellen Ross; and Bella J; to those who are shortly to be featured on the blog: Chantel Seabrook; Stella Marie Alden; Robin Stone; and Kristen Painter; and those whose books are on my “To Be Read” stack:  Roisin Black; Leslie McAdam; Mary J. Williams; Mark Jacobs; Jessica Wilde; and a whole slew of others.

Of course there would be no “wee bit o’ whiskey” if it was not for the eternal patience of Megan Christine Harrell Designs to sit with me for two hours and listen to me either drone on about my visualization and concept to the blank stares I provided as she showed me how to go about and formulate a post and page. You know what I remember from that time Megan?  “Just get in there and play with it.  The more you mess with it the more you will understand.  And anything can be deleted so don’t worry about what you do.”  Best.  Advice.  Ever!  (Now if only that same advice could be used in other situations, right???)  “Thank You” for oversimplifying everything for this technology-deficit brain.

Speaking of a technology genius, a huge “Thank You” to BTE Promotions for their assistance in providing me with the information necessary to be a part of the Shannyn Leah “Sunset Rivalry” Blog Book Tour.  The thought of a Blog Tour freaked me out so much I thought I was going to have a panic attack and with your help I was able to post the information with ease.  You are my go-to referral should anyone ask for my insight about such technological wonders.

A “Thank You” to all the bloggers and PAs I have had the pleasure of “meeting” for being such a font of information.  I was afraid to ask questions for fear of looking like an idiot (which is ironic as in everyday life I have often embraced that persona with great relish) but have been met with such open arms and welcoming that I realize there will always be room for another to talk about books.  I stalk you in a variety of ways:  on your RSS feeds; bookmark your blogs; like your pages on Facebook; and subscribe to your blogs via email.

And a special “Thank You” to everyone who reads – not specifically my blog (but if you do, an extra shout-out and yippee to you!) – but to those who grant us the opportunity to voice our thoughts and opinions about books whether it be in the form of a blog, an editorial, emails, or in-person.  I get such a rush when I talk about a book that I sometimes have to halt myself from physically shoving the book into the hands of a person I know will enjoy the tale as much as I did.  (Being so excited and accidentally forcing them to the ground in an attempt to handoff the book has only happened twice.  Tops.  I swear.)

GIVEAWAY!!  So as a special “Thank You” I am going to host another swag bag giveaway.  Tenise Webber won the first swag bag giveaway and can attest I issue the package swiftly.  All you need to do to be entered to win is comment your selection of BEST or WORST movie adaptation of a book.  Or enter your choices for both.  One winner will be selected at random.  (Neither WordPress nor Facebook responsible.)  Giveaway will be open until noon on Monday, May 2, 2016 (Eastern Time).  Random winner will be announced around 1pm (ET).

Thank you from the very depths of my being.

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