The “Unofficial” Sainthood of Miss Jean Louis


How many of you know that Miss Jean Louis is a saint? You were not aware of this aspect of her?  Then, please allow me take you on a journey of the sainthood of Miss Jean Louis.

Check out these definitions:

Saint: “a person of great holiness, virtue, or benevolence”

Benevolence: “the forced contribution to the sovereign”

Sovereign: “a monarch; a king, queen, or other supreme ruler”

Babysitter: “to take watchful responsibility for; tend”

These definitions make the case for the campaign.

Realize that Misha Collins constant references that Miss Jean Louis babysits him (watchful responsibility for) and that Misha identifies himself on Facebook as a “Monarch” (sovereign). So essentially Miss Jean Louis as Misha’s babysitter is “a forced contribution to the sovereign” (benevolence).  Which makes her “a person of great benevolence” (saint).

Why hasn’t this woman begun her canonization yet? Oh, right, the first step requires actual death.  Well, I am sure she has at times prayed for “relief”, so let’s continue on in a hypothetical scenario.  She must have great patience to deal with the ramblings and general antics of Misha and for that we honorarily bestow the title “Servant of God” and she passes the first step toward sainthood.

The next process is to review and present aspects of Miss Jean Louis’ life to assure candidacy for sainthood. To be declared “Venerable” she must be shown to have been heroic in her dedication.  She assisted Misha.  That is dedication personified.  Easy-peasy and done.  Miss Jean Louis has passed the second stage.

Now on to the labeling of “Blessed”. Miss Jean Louis would need to be shown as a martyr (someone who died for their faith) or be responsible for bringing about a miracle.  The fact that Miss Jean Louis is not only maintain a wrangle on Misha, but to prepare him so fully that he displays all outward visages of normalcy, proves she is a miracle worker indeed.  Consider yourself “Blessed” Miss Jean Louis.

The final advancement in order to be declared a saint is for another miracle to occur that would not have happened without the intercession of Miss Jean Louis. On this I call for Misha.  I have no doubt that he would be the final piece of the process to canonize Miss Jean Louis.  And his anticipated humility and prayers would likely be answered.  (Plus he has fictional access to the “higher ups”.)  Consider Miss Jean Louis canonized and declared a saint.

Saint Miss Jean Louis has a fabulous ring to it, does it not?  Yet, she prefers to go about and do her duties without her title.  Because even though she has earned it, she is humble and chooses to live her life without the trappings and decorations that would be bestowed upon her by use of her title.  Generous to a fault and completely worthy of fully encompassing all that defines “Saint”.

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Dan Petrosini

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Roberta Kagan

Thank you so much for your interest in my work. My mother was Jewish and my father was Romany. From the time I was young, the dark memories of the holocaust were apart of my life.  Soon all the survivors will be gone, and the lessons of the holocaust must not be lost with them. I studied, researched,  and met with survivors, and each story of survival has one common thread, that even in the darkest hour there’s always a flicker of light. And that flicker of light is, love.

I send you many blessings. Roberta


Anne Kennison

With more than 30 years of lawyering under her belt, and now retired from the practice of law, Anne describes herself as a “”recovering attorney.”” Anne’s unique plot twists come from a fertile imagination honed by those years of experience.

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The cottage is a pet free zone (apart from the field mice, moles, and red squirrels).

Kerry earned a first class honours degree in Human Biology, and has a PhD in Sport and Exercise Sciences. A former scientific advisor to The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, he helped UK emergency first-responders prepare for chemical attacks in the wake of 9/11. This background adds a scientific edge to his writing. He is also a former furniture designer/maker.


Julie Frayn

Julie Frayn is a Canadian multi-award-winning author of novels and short stories that pack a punch. And a few stabs. Julie lives in Alberta, near the foot of the Rocky Mountains. When not working or writing, Julie spend as much time as possible with her babies. Well, they’re grown adults now, but they still think she’s cool. Right kids? Right? Hello?


R.P. Dahlke

Biography for A Dangerous Harbor

This book and its sequel, Hurricane Hole, are the result of my years sailing in Mexico with my husband aboard our cutter rigged Hylas 47 sailboat. Mexico is a culture that was, and still is, struggling to gain a foothold in the 21st Century. These romantic suspense books (no graphic sex, but lots of humor) are about Americans who’re here because they can’t seem to outrun the problems they so desperately want to leave behind.


David Wind

David Wind has published thirty-eight novels including Science Fiction, Mystery and suspense thrillers. He lives and writes in a small village about thirty miles upstate of NYC, and shares his house with his wife, Bonnie and dog Alfie, a sub-standard poodle (email him for an explanation).


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The Art of Going Home, by Nicole Sorrell

The Art of Going Home (The Art of Living Book 1)

Not given any details of her sister’s murder at the age of ten, Maddie is persuaded to track down the killer. Following one ominous clue after another, she learns the surrogate family she thought honestly loved her has been hiding the truth of her childhood for eighteen years. As suppressed memories of her past come crashing forward, Maddie begins to doubt everything she once believed. And everybody she thought she could trust.

Including Zac, her high school crush. Though she can’t seem to find the strength to resist their mutual attraction, Maddie isn’t sure she’ll ever be able to forgive his betrayal. As she struggles to come to grips with her family’s past and absolve those who deceived her, will she survive the horrifying discovery of who killed her sister?

My review:

I found the mystery surrounding the murder interesting in that it evolves during the book.  This story has likeable characters and a beautiful focal setting enveloped in a conceivable plot.  A strong element of family prevails and is necessary for what could have been a much darker tale.  I found this to be an easy and enjoyable read.

My rating:  Jameson

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The Flood Girls, by Richard Fifield

The Flood Girls

Welcome to Quinn, Montana, population: 956. A town where nearly all of the volunteer firemen are named Jim, where The Dirty Shame—the only bar in town—refuses to serve mixed drinks (too much work), where the locals hate the newcomers (then again, they hate the locals, too), and where the town softball team has never even come close to having a winning season. Until now.

Rachel Flood has snuck back into town after leaving behind a trail of chaos nine years prior. She’s here to make amends, but nobody wants to hear it, especially her mother, Laverna. But with the help of a local boy named Jake and a little soul-searching, she just might make things right.

My review:

I found this to be a wonderful telling of what happens when you return to your hometown after being unofficially banned as a result of your childhood antics.  Humorous and relatable.  I laughed and associated with the characters and their actions.  For those who grew up in a rural setting, these are achingly familiar people.  A fabulous tale of finding oneself no matter the obstacles and verification that “Home Sweet Home” is often bittersweet.

My rating:  Redbreast


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