Sweeter Than Blood, by Dale Cameron Lowry

Ravenous (Triskaidekaphilia, #2)

“Sweeter Than Blood” is included in the Ravenous, Triskaidekaphila – Book Two compilation.

My review:

“Sweet” is exactly the word I would use to describe my overall feelings regarding this tale.  The main character was changed without consent in a moment of sexual weakness and is dealing with the aftermath the best he can.  The flashbacks as to how that action took place are brilliantly placed throughout the story and highlight the inner turmoil as the character tries to come to terms with that realization.  The vulnerability and self-acceptance is beautifully written and I would enjoy reading more about this vampire and his sire.

My rating:  Redbreast


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Forever Dead, by Sara Dobie Bauer

Ravenous (Triskaidekaphilia, #2)

“Forever Dead” is included in the Ravenous, Triskaidekaphila – Book Two compilation.

My review:

Vampire falls for vampire hunter is not a groundbreaking idea but this story certainly had me entertained from the opening line to the finish.  I enjoyed the suspense, the romance, the longing, and the depth of characters to give this a polished finish worthy of standing the test of time.

My rating:  Midleton


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The Carpenter, by Robin Stone

The Carpenter

Broken-hearted Grant retreats to a cabin in the woods to work on his master’s thesis and escape the sadness of a recent breakup. A blizzard is on the way, but Grant has food, books, and a cozy fireplace. But when a loud knock jolts Grant from his chair, he’s stunned to see his intense ex-boyfriend, Adam…

Adam wants to win back Grant’s love, but it won’t be easy. Harsh words were spoken during their breakup, and Adam’s struggling to heal from his wounded past. Grant wants to start a family, but Adam can’t imagine being a father…

The men cooperate to stay safe and warm during the blizzard, but they can’t deny their feverish attraction. They discuss a future together, but old hurts surface. Can Adam and Grant resolve their differences and have the future they always planned, or will this weekend be their final goodbye?

My review:

** I volunteered to read an advance reviewer copy of this book. **

It is no secret that I enjoy reading Robin Stone’s erotica so I was beyond excited to delve into a story based solely around a M/M relationship even though I am not a fan of “second chance” romance.  I was not disappointed.  This tale was able to be both genuinely sweet and feverishly hot.  The tender romance was endearing and the erotica oh-so-enticing.  This novella was a perfect quick read that hit all the right spots exactly when I needed them most; and without realizing my yearning.

My rating:  Redbreast


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Landscaper in Paradise, by Robin Stone

Landscaper in Paradise (The Landscaper Series, #4)

He bared his soul…and they gave him paradise.

Kyle’s addicted to the mind-blowing sex he has with Tracy and Eric Dawson, spending nights in their bed and weekends in their guest house. He’s no longer the hired help, but an equal partner in the relationship.

Kyle joins the Dawsons on their winter vacation to Hawaii. He learns more about their past, and the threesome find new heights of pleasure in the sultry setting.

But when Tracy bursts into tears and Eric shares his doubts about the relationship, Kyle is thrown into a tailspin. Can they resolve their differences and stay together forever?

My rating:

** ARC received by author in exchange for an honest review. **

Where to start?  This book was bittersweet to read knowing it is the final release in “The Landscaper Series” and having invested personal feelings into these characters throughout the installments, I found it rather hard to say goodbye.  My emotions ran the gamut from heartbreaking fear to utter joy; in fact, I even laughed more times than I recall doing so in prior releases.  Kudos to the author in the foresight to provide an actual story for this series instead of just writing a bunch of sex scenes and cataloguing it as a novella.  Although this may be erotica, it was the narrative of the three that kept me returning to see what happens next.  (And panty melting Eric Dawson.  I had to re-visit him.)  It is one thing to crush on a fictional character, yet quite eye-opening to realize one has fallen completely for a fictional, and married, man.  Tumultuous at times but always sensual.  The conclusion was the only viable ending and it was a stunner!

My review:  Knappogue Castle


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Landscaper in Love, by Robin Stone

Landscaper in Love (The Landscaper Series, #3)

He wasn’t paid to fall in love…

Kyle still can’t believe he’s having sex with the gorgeous Tracy Dawson while her husband Eric watches. When the Dawsons invite him to spend a long weekend at their vacation home on the lake, he jumps at the chance. Kyle gets to know Tracy in the quiet setting, and his affection for her grows deeper with every encounter. He’s falling in love with a married woman…

…and her husband. Kyle pushed his own boundaries when Eric asked to join them in bed. During the long weekend, the men take their physical relationship further, and forge an intimate connection. Kyle’s attraction to Eric brings on a whole new level of confusion and guilt.

If Kyle admits his feelings for the Dawsons, will they still invite him into their bed; or will he be left out in the cold?

My review:

** ARC received in exchange for an honest review. **

I have been waiting for this book to release since I read “The Landscaper”.  However, I feared my anticipation and excitement  would elevate my expectations to such an absurdly high level that the actual publication would be a let-down.  I have never been so glad to be so wrong.  A dream get-away indeed!  An off the charts fiery and intense passion.  To say panty-scorching is an understatement as my undies completely disintegrated.  Poof!  And Kyle’s realization and admission of love is so achingly tender and heart-wrenchingly vulnerable that his “thank you” to the Dawsons was the epitome of acceptance and self-awareness and so full of emotion that I almost cried.   

My rating:  Knappogue Castle


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