Comic-Con Love.

So I recently (this past Saturday and Sunday) attended my first comic-con.  I considered it a pre-emptive awareness strike to my attendance at a “Supernatural” television convention in July.  As a kid I would read comic books – way back then, that is what they were called, not graphic novels – so I knew all my superheroes and supervillains, but WOW, even I was overwhelmed with the magnitude and show of support at the areas first comic-con.

While there I met some authors and I am preparing to “share the love and awareness” and although I have not read their work yet, I did purchase items and they are all on my “TBR” list.  (Reviews should be expected to begin showing up in the next two weeks.)

First, I met Darin Henry who was promoting his brainchild “Sitcomics” which is a sitcom television show in comic book form.  Including commercial breaks.  Ingenious!  Although I did not buy any actual comic books that weekend, I did get a puzzle with one of the comic book covers as the image, and plan to make an additional purchase of the comics shortly.  Please show him and his company some love and check out the information below.

Next up I met the fabulous “Harley Quinn” who turned out to be Julie Milillo; an author of paranormal fantasy books.  I purchased both releases of the “Immortal Sin” trilogy, Immortal Sin and Immortal Descent.  In addition to writing, she enjoys singing, baking, and is a character actor (as witnessed by her turn as “Elsa” during Sunday’s events at the comic-con).  Reach out and help her build her audience via her contact information below.

I then had the pleasure of meeting the exquisitely talented Andi O’Connor.  She writes fantasy books with an adventurous twist.  I ended up spending my money on her “The Dragonath Chronicles” releases, The Lost Heir and Awakening.  She also has two other series “The Vaelinel Trilogy” and “The Legacy of Ilvania”.  Please feel free to check out her many platforms which can be accessed through her website below.

I concluded my inadvertent author tour with Steven Eutsler.  He recently released his first book “The End’s Beginning, The Krinics Series, Book 1” the first in an epic fantasy adventure series.  I have been challenged to see if I have any questions that are not resolved by the trilogy conclusion: Challenge accepted Steve.  Give him a follow on Amazon to which I have included a link below.

Who says attending a comic-con is all about the celebrity personnel and comics?










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