Hot and Filthy: The Honeymoon, by Whitley Cox

Hot and Filthy: The Honeymoon (The Dark and Damaged Hearts Series)

Emma Everly didn’t know true love or happiness until she met enigmatic millionaire James Shaw. He turned her world upside down, all for the better, possessing her heart, body, and soul. He brought her over to the dark and dirty side and opened her eyes to the wild and kinky sex Emma didn’t even know she craved.

Now they’re married and ready to start their life together, and Emma realizes all her dreams are coming true. With a romantic honeymoon planned on a live-aboard boat in French Polynesia with nothing but her handsome husband and the fishes, Emma is positive James will take her body to newer and more extreme heights of pleasure. But James has other ideas, and even in the middle of their sexy sea adventure, their relationship is put to the test. Emma must find a way to come to terms with James’ demands or risk ruining their first holiday as husband and wife.

My review:

** I volunteered to read an advance reviewer copy of this book. **

Much like the disclaimer in the beginning of the book, this story is Hot.  And Filthy.  And, oh, so delicious.  It was great fun revisiting this couple.  (Although this can be read as a standalone, it is suggested to read Parts 1 and 2 of “Sex, Heat and Hunger” in The Dark and Damaged Hearts Series for a full understanding of the highlighted coupling.)

The idea of a honeymoon story was sheer brilliance by the author not only to continue their journey but to show how far “James” has come in his progression of being more open with “Emma”.  The sex scenes were blistering and I found myself wishing I could dive into the ocean to cool off.  Instead I drank an entire gallon of iced tea I had made earlier in the day in an effort to keep myself hydrated.  Yes…it is that scorching.  And so completely worth it.

My rating:  Midleton

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Slow Going…

Yes, I realize I have not posted for some time and I am hoping that July finds me getting back on track; however, the sheer volume of stories, anthologies, and collections that I have sloughed through has been eye-opening.

I understand that there are times where you “get what you pay for” and in the case of free books you are truly taking chances into your own hands, but I have curtailed my reviewing process as I trudge through the pages.

Independent authors do not necessarily have the means to hire professionals to properly edit and proof their writing and that I understand completely.  And I am not an educated person in the ways of all things editing and grammar but when a story is riddled with errors it does begin to affect my ability to remain objective and focus on the plot.  When there is a plot.  Most of these novellas and short stories are basically just opportunities to write explicit sex scenes with words joining them together.  And if they were properly written I would likely be okay with that, but is there no one in the author’s circle that goes, “You know, you should A, B, or C this…”?  It just gets frustrating to force myself to read through when what I would really like to do is just start something new.  But I continue my reading in the hopes that I can eventually put it behind me.

So not only is this blog behind in reviews, I am even more delayed in keeping my goodreads account updated.  I believe it reflects a “currently reading” status on a book that was completed in two days.  And that was weeks ago!

So understand that I am “fighting the good fight” as I try to finish up yet another collection of novellas and short stories with abundant errors in spelling, editing, and (more often than not) missing plots.  And will be back and posting reviews as soon as I am able to find a book worth publicizing.

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